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Professional Event Planner

So you’ve decided to plan your wedding

You feel slightly overwhelmed at the thought of planning an extravagant event, but are confident you can pull it off. However, many couples are at a loss when it comes to coordinating such event. With little or no experience in event planning, a professional wedding planner is definitely in order.

  • The decision to hire a consultant is based on several factors:
  • For many, time is lacking.
  • Full time jobs do not allow the phone calls and visits required.
  • Major oversights often occur when time is limited and the ability to stay organized and focused misfires.
  • If the bride is new to the area, with few friends or family members close by, planning a wedding with little outside help could become a nightmare.
  • What about an out-of-town wedding, or a bride with a narrow budget? -Whatever the reason, the wisest choice is to hire a professional.

The goal of the wedding consultant is to offer the bride and her family peace of mind by keeping on top of the planning. A bride and her family should be able to enjoy the occasion, leaving the details and hassles to the consultant. My philosophy is that a bride and groom are deserving of anything and everything they want. I refer to them as my King and Queen. They are the ones in charge, and as such, are allowed to create their own rules and regulations.

Good rapport, communication, and a feeling that the bride can rely on her consultant is vital to the teamwork. A consultant will go the extra mile and resolve disputes that may arise between the bride and family members. The consultant acts as a couple’s liaison, smoothing over rough spots, that will inevitably present themselves during the period leading up to, and on the wedding day.

Stretching the dollar, while staying within a budget, a consultant will alleviate financial anxieties. An established consultant will have a wide selection of vendors and valuable connections. She/he will assist the bride by knowing who to book and when, providing price comparisons, overseeing vendor contracts, avoiding overtime charges, saving on services when guests don’t show, will collectively result in considerable savings to the couple. A good planner has developed relationships with many vendors, and because of the harmony that has developed, vendors may provide certain perks without charge.

The couple benefits by getting the feeling of a more elaborate wedding.

The extra pair of hands on the wedding day is priceless. A schedule will be orchestrated and distributed to ensure a smooth-running event. Details such as coordinating and overseeing vendors, supervising and cuing the wedding party and music, and assisting with seating arrangements are just a few of the duties a consultant will assume. A bride can rest assured knowing the wedding day will be handled with care, while she relaxes and enjoys her glorious day.

If you want a worry and headache free wedding day, consider hiring a professional wedding consultant.