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Beauty – Makeup

More than on any other day in your life, your wedding day is the day that you want to look beautiful. Whether or not you usually wear makeup, there are good reasons for wearing it on your wedding day.

Properly applied makeup will greatly enhance your appearance, particularly in the many photographs which will be taken in the course of the day. On the other hand, too much makeup, the wrong makeup, or improperly applied makeup can have the opposite effect. A heavy eyeliner or heavy false eyelashes will cast unwanted shadows over your eyes and cheeks. No makeup may result in a washed out or anemic appearance. Ideally, your makeup should enhance your features without its presence being apparent. Some brides have a professional makeup artist do the entire bridal party.

If you decide to do your own makeup, the best advice is practice, practice, practice, until you achieve the look you want. It is not necessary to buy expensive products. Use your regular makeup or consult a professional salesperson to find what products best suit your skin and features, and how to apply them.

  • Choose a make-up that is close to your skin tone. If the foundation is too dark, it will create a mask-like effect.
  • Use a soft brown pencil for liner on the eyes.
  • Apply brown powder using a sponge tipped applicator on top of the pencil to set the liner and avoid smearing.
  • Pencil in the shape of your eyebrows lightly with a soft, gentle touch.
  • Use a lipliner pencil and draw the natural lip line, which will help prevent lipstick from running. Blend with a cotton swab and cover with a pastel lipstick.
  • Add a touch of lip gloss to the center of your lower lip.
  • Apply foundation smoothly to the hairline.
  • Cover your face and neck with a fine powder and blend it well with a brush.
  • Apply a touch of blush high on your cheekbones and blend carefully.
  • Apply concealer with a sponge to cover any blemishes and to hide circles under your eyes.