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Wedding Entertainment & Music

By Annie Cording – May 20, 2016

The entertainment2 music sets the tone for your wedding. Two sets of performers may be required, one for the ceremony and another for the reception. You may, for example, choose a live band, disk jockey, solo singer, piano/organ, harpist or combination of two or more. Wedding bands usually have audition nights at which you can hear them in person. If not, request an audio or videotape. Bridal shows often showcase bands. Your musician’s personality can add much to the marriage ceremony and can make or break your reception. So it’s important that you select your entertainment carefully.

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Music:


Don’t Make A Decision Without Weighing All Your Musical Options

Wedding songs can be recorded music being played from CDs or they can be a DJ who still plays recorded music adding his little taste or the exotic choice of a live band. The live band adds a human touch to the music and can be really adjusted to the mood and the vibe and as such is a great option. The band members can provide different music catering to most of the guests and as such can create an atmosphere which can never be replicated by recorded music.

Don’t Forget To Have A Pace Of The Music

When the guests enter the wedding venue, they won’t get on the dance floor straight away. The energy and enthusiasm has to be built through the music. It would not be recommended to start off with high tempo music but to pace it gradually. The music selection should be such that this fact is not overlooked.

Make Sure You Utilise The Band In The Best Possible Manner

Most guests will arrive sometime before the scheduled time of the ceremony. The best way to make them feel comfortable is to have some kind of soothing music playing while they wait there for the ceremony to start. Nothing is more awkward than waiting in complete silence at a wedding ceremony.

Don’t Forget to Plan The Music Flow

When you are about to hire the band, they might not know all your favourite songs but they are the experts and know what generally is loved and enjoyed by most of the guests. Don’t forget to discuss the must play songs with them so they are well prepared. They might need to practice a song or two before the actual wedding day or the ceremony. Have an open discussion and plan the playlist which would have their recommendations and your requirement. It’s always good to have a consensus on this matter. For DJs, make sure they are open to suggestions and discuss this at length to avoid any non-agreement later on.

Don’t Mix Your Playlists

Weddings are a social event and the guests are of all the ages. From kids to grandparents to friends and family and while you can’t please everybody, the safest approach is to make sure you have PG-13 rated songs only. When you have the after party and the guests comprises of just your friends and older cousins, pretty much anything would be OK.

No amount of care in choosing the wedding music is enough but we hope this quick list would be helpful in giving you a head start in what to avoid. Do you have any funny stories related to wedding music mistakes to share with us? Chime in. We are all ears!

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